Guidelines on شخصية عربية أمريكية مشهورة

الكتابة الثالثة

شخصية عربية-أمريكية مشهورة

Date of presentation/writing submission: Monday April 19th

This is a combination of a writing/presentation activity.

For the writing portion:

Write 200 words about a famous Arab-American personality. Make use of our main reading of lesson 2 on عرب أمريكا  as a good source to inspire you with choices if you cannot find a good one. Furthermore, you could mimic the sentence structure and use some of the target vocabulary that appears in the reading. You don’t copy and paste from the reading text but you could rather select a few insights that would enrich your writing.

For the writing guidelines:

  • Word count: 200 words
  • Typed 14 or 16 Times Roman or Simplified Arabic font, double spaced. If you forget to skip a couple of lines between lines, it will cost you points.
  • Or, handwritten neatly and clearly. You still need to skip a couple of lines between lines.
  • Pick an eye-catching title that would be suggestive of your presentation topic. For instance: باولا عبدول: الفنّانة والمُغنّية وصاحبة “أمريكان أيدول”Make sure you utilize most of the expressions and vocabulary words we are learning in lessons 1 and 2. Use at least 15 words from Lesson 2 and underline them.
  • Review your sentences grammatically and make sure you use الاسم الموصول و أدوات التشبيه (مثل – ك- كما) in addition to various verbs patterns.
  • Include the link of the website you use to get information about your personality.
  • Don’t use ‘google translate’ and don’t ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ from an outside source. You won’t get any credit.
  • You are only allowed 6 new words (unseen) in your writing. You need to provide a translation of these words ahead (on a power point slide or on a word doc. to share with us).
  • After proofreading, you submit your writing essay #3 on BB under Lesson 2. (you have until midnight of Monday April 19th to submit your writing).

For the presentation in class: due Monday April 19

  • Prepare a short power point that includes a few pictures/slides.
  • This is an individual presentation of 5 -6 minutes.
  • Try to bring some information about the figure you choose to talk about and also tell us why you choose such figure in particular. What is their significant contribution to life? If you were to meet with them, what would be the questions you would ask them? What are the interesting aspects about their life/identity/achievements that you would like to share with us?
  • You are expected to present and not to read from paper or pre-written notes.
  • You will be assessed on your thorough preparation, fluency, smooth flow of information, good range of relevant vocabulary words, correct grammatical delivery that meets all the above-mentioned points (inclusion of relative pronouns, verbs patterns … etc.) and clear pronunciation.

 Helpful examples

باولا عبدول – شاكيرا – أحمد زويل – ادوارد سعيد – إلهان عمر (الصومال) – دينا باول (مع حكومة الرئيس أوباما) – عبد الرحمن السيد (ولاية ميتشيجان)