Periodicals Visualized:


Chronological List of Periodicals

The Critic: A Weekly Review of Literature, Fine Arts, and the Drama, 1828-9

The New York mirror; a weekly gazette of literature and the fine arts, 1824-1841

The New York Herald, 1835-1924

Transactions for the Apollo Association for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in the United States, 1839-1842

Transitions to

Transactions of the American Art-Union, 1844-1849

Transitions to

Bulletin of the American Art-Union, 1848-1853

The New York Tribune, 1841-1924

The Home Journal, 1847-1859

Literary World: A Journal of society, literature, and art, 1847-1853

International Art-Union Journal, published by Goupil, 1849

International Monthly Magazine of Literature, Science & Art, 1850-2

The New York Times, 1851-present

Photographic art journal, 1851-3

Transitions to

The Photographic and fine art journal, 1854-60

Illustrated Magazine of Art, 1852-4

Transitions to

Magazine of Art, 1878-1904


Putnam’s Monthly Magazine of American Literature, Science, and Art, 1853-1857, 1868-1870, 1906-1910

The Crayon: A Journal Devoted to the Graphic Arts & the Literature Related to them, 1855-1861

Cosmopolitan Art Journal, 1856-1861

The New Path, 1863-5

Watson’s Weekly Art Journal, 1864-6

Transitions to

The American Art Journal, 1866-7

Transitions to

Watson’s Art Journal, 1867-8

The Aldine: A Typographic Art Journal, 1868-1879

Appleton’s Journal, 1869-1881

The Art Review, 1870-1871

The Art Journal, 1875-1887

The American Art Review, 1879-1881

The Art Amateur, 1879-1891

The Decorator and Furnisher, 1882-1897

The Studio: An Illustrated Journal Devoted to the Fine Arts, 1883-1887

The Art Union, 1884-5

The American Journal of Archaeology and of the History of the Fine Arts, 1885-1896

American Art Illustrated, 1886

The Connoisseur, 1886-1888 (Philadelphia)

The Collector, 1891-2

            Transitions to

The Collector and Art Critic, 1899-1907

The Art Critic, 1893-1894 (Boston)

The Art News, 1897

Fine Arts Journal, 1901-1919 (Chicago)


Author: Mackenzie Philbrick

Date written: May 6, 2020