Perception of Beauty in Today’s Media

Since the late 1980’s when Chinese versions of Western magazines became available across China many American models and celebrities have graced the covers in China. Although Vogue China is written in Chinese many of the covers that include a Western celebrity also include English headlines.  

The faces and covers that international magazines use directly influence Chinese media and the perception of beauty in China. sound statement


This particular cover of Vogue China illuminates the model, Gigi Hadid, an American model with a celebrity status. The denotations of this image are ????, A Vogue China magazine cover with a model who is not Chinese. The model has light, flawless skin from top to bottom and blonde hair. She is posing in a pastel blue crop top with white shorts. The majority of the writing on the image is in Chinese, except for the headline, “Girl on Fire”. There is a white background making Hadid the sole focus of the cover. This image can easily be glanced over without connotatively analyzing the cover. However, with some context one can understand that the Vogue image is sending a message to Chinese consumers. what is the message?

Gigi Hadid is known to have moles on her skin that fans can see on her stomach on forms of social media. In this particular image she is airbrushed of any imperfections. Along with this Hadid’s skin, particularly her face, is very light almost blending into the background. It is common in Chinese culture to buy skin whitening products. Because light skin is a beauty standard in China it makes sense that Hadid appears whiter than usual on the Vogue China cover. The clothing Hadid is wearing on the cover makes an effort to show trends that are currently in style including: pastels, crop tops, and choker necklaces. Since the headline is in English there is potentially a  Western allure. This cover of Vogue China creates a desire to be not only like Hadid but also to possess characteristics of a “Western woman”. Blonde hair, blue eyes, etc.

the pair of denotation and connotation, unfold one at a time: the western model, the title of girl on fire, Vogue in Chinese, for instance.

The intention of this magazine is not to inform Chinese consumers of trends happening within their own culture, instead this cover is informing Chinese consumers of how they can “Westernize” their style. Because Vogue has a powerful voice in the world of fashion, it is easy for the magazine to influence the perception of beauty.

Along with media influencing how consumers perceive beauty, international magazines are reflecting consumer culture. By having Gigi Hadid on the cover of this international magazine it draws in consumers because it is a face that is recognized globally. Vogue also encourages consumer culture by filling the magazine with ads for skin products, clothing designers, and other international companies that people like Gigi Hadid might be using.

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