List of AEAPs

Prep for PrepĀ 

Prep for Prep was founded in 1978 by white South Bronx school teacher Gary Simmons. His goal was to gather New York City’s brightest minds from underrepresented communities of color and prepare them for success at independent schools across the Northeast. Prep 9 started as the offshoot program to the successful independent day school feeder program Prep for Prep in 1988. Prep 9’s purpose is to send students to boarding schools while Prep for Prep focuses on independent day school admissions. Prep 9 admissions begin in the 7th grade while Prep for Prep begins in the 5th and 6th grade. Enforcing their motto of Excellence, Integrity, Commitment, and Courage, young students of color are prepared to be ethical and effective leaders once they graduate from prestigious colleges and go out into society. Unlike other AEAPs and their mission to just academically prepare students for admissions into prestigious schools, Prep for Prep focuses on the leadership aspect more in their hopes to create an alumni network of leaders in all fields that in turn reflect the diversity of society and can benefit more people of color in the long run. On their website, they boast that over 80 schools enroll 700 Prep students each year and an overall community network of over 5,000 students and alumni.

The Wight Foundation


Oliver Scholars