List of Organizations

Grassroots Organizations in Baltimore

A youth-run organization that empowers peers through math education while addressing social issues in Baltimore. Provides leadership experience for tutors while serving the local community inside and outside the classroom.

BEE is a collection of Baltimoreans passionate about education, focusing on any action that will help local schools. This organization has helped with an array of issues spanning from budgetary concerns to rallies in the city hall.

Strong Schools Maryland fights “to create a world-class education system for every student” and has recently focused a lot of effort into the passing of the Kirwan Commission, a proposal with recommendations for educational reform in Baltimore and the rest of Maryland. The Kirwan Commission was recently vetoed by Governor Larry Hogan, sparking new action.



Grassroots Organizations Across the U.S.

An organization that focuses on supporting under-resourced schools and communities in urban areas through public service. They focus mostly on helping children living in poverty, connecting students to help other students.

A grass-roots organization that fights for equitable investment in all Colorado public schools, students, and teachers. The organization is currently focusing on Fair Tax Colorado, an initiative that would provide substantial funding for K-12 schools.

Non-profit focused on the development of impoverished communities in Tulsa. The mission of Growing Together Tulsa is focused on breaking the cycle of poverty through education.