List of Grassroots Organizations (Boys and Girls Club) An after school camp that kids go to where they get to play sports and other fun activities. They also get help for their homework by older role models. (Solar Youth) This program offers a place where young kids get to talk about their environment and how to improve it. They also get a chance to get homework help and guidance to other programs for education. (LEAP) Leap offers fun trips and activities year round. They also help with reading programs and academic support after school. (HIGHER HEIGHTS) It is a program where it help teenagers further their education for college. They also bring youth on college tour trips. (CITYWIDE YOUTH COALITION) A group where they talk about the justice system in the city. They learn more about restorative justice practices. (PEABODY MUSUEM CAMP) Offers tours of the museum for the summer. Teaches education on the different information presented in the museum. (NEW HAVENS PARKS AND RECREATION) Program that teaches youth about outdoor activities and nature. They also bring youth on trips to educational and fun places. (SOUND WATERS) A program that offers kids education in water activities. Summer program that offers kids a water sport activity.