In order for their to be change in the in the amount of crime that takes place in gang infested neighbors, such as New Haven, Connecticut, there must be a plan of prevention. Not to say that it is impossible for current gang members get out; however, it is easier to stop a person from commiting rather than to take someone out of an environment that they have plead allegiance to. The prevention plan has an early attack on gang interest by distracting potential joiners. They develop programs that offer open space to positively pass time. The reason it is considered more of a positive place is because, they often have positive role models or just older figures that guide them away from the street life. These programs offer opportunity to be stop an issue that is negatively impacting cities. Because of gang violence, there is a large amount of young people, especially young men, dying at the hands of other young people. Organization and a plan must be in place in order to have a difference be made. Developing such programs are crucial to the combate against gang violence. This development is the foundation of all programs that stop or limit gang violence in an urban community. This foundation opened up the space to experiment how well the programs are affecting the target audience as well as the community. If the community intervention seems to be withstanding, it opens up the discussion of how cost effective the program can be to the community (Gebo 2016).This would, helpfully, give founders an idea of how far the program can be spread out in a community as well as how it can be sustained. A plan of prevention involves having people in working positions that focus on the community and what factors may deteriorate a community and their youth; hence, the young people involved in gang violence. It is important to see how much of an importance young people are and how they should be protected, due to the fact that gangs influences are the key into decreasing the large number of crime and violence in the communities.

However it is important to look at the gang and gang members different than the juvenile delinquents (OJJDP 2009). Youth that partake in gang related behavior are the ones to be more worried about since they are more likely to commit a crime at a faster rate and more in number than a juvenile delinquent who is not caught up in gang activity (OJJDP 2009). Juvenile delinquents are in a sense independent and are therefore working on their own impulses and decisions. Therefore, they are the ones who need intervention and in a way need protection. They are the most susceptible to gang activity and likely to create the most damage considering they already have an issue with causing problems in the city. Gang activity would just give them more of a reason to be just as destructive or worse. This is why it is crucial to differentiate the two when considering gang activity and the prevention of it.



The reason for so much gang violence in a lot of cities, especially in New Haven connecticut is due to the amount of guns that are freely going around the city, especially due to the amount of broken homes involving the past events that have hit communities (Sierra 2017). In the early ninetys New Haven as well as many cities across America had a lot of issues to due the crack epidemic that plagued the neighborhoods; however, it was able get so much of the crime and violence out of the environment because of the crackdown on gun control in these enviorments. New Haven, in particular, was able to have their gun control decreased by 2003 because the police department had a task that focused on cleaning up drugs and guns on the streets of New Haven. There was the creation of the Project Longevity for New Haven, Connecticut. This meant that there was a prevention plan for the city which allowed social programs, the government, and police to work alongside one another in order to create safer enviorments in the neighborhood.

This was a lot of gang prevention programs. While this was going on, it allowed the police to clean up the guns that were on the street. Now that there has been a spike in the level of violence in this city as well as cities across the country, there is more development on the program with the same methods just on a higher degree. Because of the crime, there are certain areas that are cracking down on gangs specifically, to support in gang prevention. The police and law will target them more than just having them go to jail or through special law enforcement operations. They will affect their everyday lives. Cops in some areas have been cracking down and becoming aggressive with tickets for parked cars towards gang members. They may also involve themselves in child support cases to force members to pay more money. They incorporate any place that has professionals into gang members everyday life, so that they can inconvenience the gang members lives (Eisenstadt 2013). This does seems to be making a difference in certain communities by combining the social and police life, since it really makes the members have their lives policed. This does seem very productive because even gang members have reported that the social policing has helped slow the gangs and violence down. However, they have suggested that it is an importance to focus on the youth and prevention tactics for them since they are the ones who aren’t as affected by this method since they don’t have much to lose except, unfortunately, their lives. The gun access is a big cause in the problem with gang violence. It interrupts the everyday life and the everyday living; however, by cracking down on the destruction by doing the same thing, using a mix of social policing and actual policing, a difference can be made. This would offer the opportunity for a better future for inner city youth. It will also offer a safer living environment.