Helpful Videos

Are you a visual and/or auditory learner? Me too! Check out these videos from popular news sources to help review and supplement what you’ve learned so far.

1. Vox Debriefs the Flint Water Crisis: 

2. CNN Examines How it Happened: 

3. CBS News Debriefs the Timeline of Events and Captures Resulting Protests

4. MSNBC Discusses Foreseen Educational Impact and Lack of Trust of Government 


Hear more from Flint residents themselves. Check out these videos below to hear Flint residents share their experiences with the Flint Water Crisis.

1. Flint Dad Dion McKinney Speaks On Limited Access to Save Water

2. Flint Mom Mellisa Mays Talks About the Effects of Flint Contaminated Water

Follow Mellisa Mays, active community organizer, on Twitter @FlintGate

3. Flint Mom LeAnne Walters Discusses Visible Health Disparities in Her Twin Boys 

“These are my kids. These are everybody’s kids”

4. Flint Residents Protest Outside Governor Snyder’s 2016 State of the State Address