Grassroots in Flint, MI


For and by the people of Flint, FlintFwd aims to revive the city and build resiliency among its residents by pooling different individual resources. It chooses to recognize and harness the strengths existing in their community, showcasing more positive stories in order to trump the media’s misrepresentation and devaluing of the people of Flint.


Michigan Faith in Action

Employing a PICO organizing style, Michigan Faith in Action consists of community faith members identifying together their desires for the community and works to advocate for the change they wish to see. In the recent past, FACT visited schools across the country with similar community makeups to explore different teaching styles to establish in their schools.




Flint Promise

As a scholarship program for graduates of Flint schools, Flint Promise covers the cost of tuition and allows eligible students to attend participating colleges for little to no cost. The organization aims to invest in the city’s future by providing increased access to higher education.


Flint Rising 

Flint Rising consists of community groups and allies working to ensure the families directly affected by the contaminated water can access the power necessary to advocate for themselves and remain resilient against all odds. By providing community resources and support, Flint Rising aims to ensure that their fellow Flint residents can build organizing infrastructure and leadership necessary to fight for the justice Flint families deserve.