Special Collections, Bowdoin College

Participants will complete the seminar with the following: (1) Reading materials for their students, themselves, and their colleagues; (2) Assignments that integrate the topics into their current curricula, including a museum label writing assignment and assignments related to their mini archives of digital material to be used for teaching and student research; (3) A guide for ways to approach local artists, special collections, and libraries so as to integrate those resources into their courses; (4) A list of relevant films and attendant assignments for students; (5) Knowledge of how to access fair-use images for teaching purposes; (6) An understanding of how to access reliable websites about the Holocaust; (7) Experience with original works of art in a museum setting; (8) Access to specialists on the seminar topic; (9) Access to the seminar website, which will provide all readings and all finalized assignments written by participants; and (10) Time allocated during the two weeks for participants to exchange ideas in both formal and informal settings. A more nuanced approach to the teaching of the Holocaust to grades 8– 12 will result in a greater sense of empathy and understanding for perceived “others” thereby reinforcing the study of the humanities through an interdisciplinary perspective.