Seminar Assignments by NEH Co Directors

A museum label is a great way to ask students to condense information into a very tight space. We created two different museum label assignments: one written from anĀ  historian’s point of view and one written from an art historian’s point of view. Try one or both! Then, scroll down to see how the NEH participants used the NEH assignment to create their own.

1.) Museum Label Assignment (from an historian’s point of view) – Page Herrlinger

2.) Museum Label Assignment (from an art historian’s point of view) – Natasha Goldman, Joachim Homann

Assignments Written by Participant Teachers

Warsaw Ghetto Visual Culture – Matthew Bernstein

Museum Label Assignment: Judy Glickman Lauder Photographs – Lisa Krebs

What was Lost: Synagogues Destroyed During the Holocaust. – Audrey Reich

Museum Label: Artistic Responses to Loss & Destruction (Grade 12) and Personal Monuments (Grade 7). Studio Art – Audrey Reich