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Individual Photos:

I find inspiration from these photos because I think they do a magnificent job of capturing the beauty of the little things in nature. Instead of a shot of an entire landscape these photos focus in on something specific like a water lily, a duck, or a cloud. I’ve tried to emulate these photos in my final project, photographing specific things in nature.

“Water Lilies” by Frans Lanting

“Petrified Sand Dunes and Reflection” by Jack Dykinga (1996)

Christopher Dodds

“Split Rock and Cloud” by Galen Rowell (1976)

Christopher Dodds


Photo Books:

I find John Shaw and Frans Lanting’s photography collections to be really intriguing because a large majority of their photos capture the beauty in smaller/more specific things in nature.



This article helped me see some of the greatest nature photographs and learn about some of the greatest nature photographers.

This article is pretty cool, because it discusses and shows some of the first wildlife photography ever. It’s pretty cool to see how these old photos were composed, how flash is used in them, etc.