Synthesis of Grassroots Organizations

In the Melting Pot of the United States, a country that prides itself on offering the American Dream, must provide for its inhabitants the availability for English language education. Currently, the United States has not come to a conclusion on the ideal manner to educate immigrants. As a result, non-profit grassroot organizations like the ones I have listed have had to step up outside of the government to provide these essential services to guarantee the American Dream. 

Many of the organizations have begun to act as a complement to the urban education system, offering services after school for school age children. Many of the organizations encounter the same decisions and issues while educating students as the urban education system. The decision is whether or not to incorporate the students native language in their dual-language proficiency goal. However, oftentimes it may prove to be ideal to utilize the students native language while teaching English, the educators in some cases are not dual language proficient and therefore struggle to incorporate the students native tongue.

Overall, the organizations have had a profound impact on the students wishing to become proficient. This can be attributed to the organizations opening up and displaying their aid to specific ethnic groups or other specificities of groups like for example refugees. 

Another issue that arises is what happens when an immigrant cannot find an appropriate organization in their neighborhood for assistance. While many organizations seemed welcoming to all english language learners, this may not be the case for everyone.

Finally, until there are policy changes in our government for the education of immigrants, organizations like the ones I have listed must continue to step up and serve these people in need. These grassroots organizations are vital to the continuance of the American Dream.