List of Organizations

New York City – This organization offers very cheap classes for adults and students to learn english quickly. It teaches conversational english so people are better equipped to communicate in the real world and also offers legal help in spanish. – This organization offers free english classes for students and adults. It also has resources for teachers so they can better help ESL students in the classroom. – This group offers classes for immigrants and refugees to become established in their communities and be conversational in english. This would be helpful for students, so they can understand english but also for parents. Parents who understand english would be able to assist and advocate for their child. 

In America – This group helps students and parents learn english as well as helps parents become financially and technologically literate. This will help students function better in the classroom as they will be able to use technology to their advantage to help communicate. – AYPAL is an organization based in Oakland that has classes and meetings that help immigrant parents join social educational movements. They lead political education classes as well to promote understanding among teens and parents. – CT4adream is a grassroots organization based in Bridgeport, CT that works with undocumented students and parents to offer legal support. They work specifically with students and parents to organize together to pass legislation that allows DACA students to go to college in the US.