Hello! My name is Lauren O’Shea, and I created this website for my Urban Education course taught by Doris Santoro during the Spring 2017 semester at Bowdoin College. This site examines how increased gentrification within predominantly low-income, minority communities in cities across the country has impacted urban public schools. Although gentrification has caused stratification and segregation urban school districts, it has also sparked a flurry of grassroots organizations across the country that aim to stop gentrification and its subsequent low-income, minority displacement from communities.

[Photo of protests at the Twin Towers worksite from Chicago Reader article, “Activists Worry CTA-friendly housing will accelerate Logan Square gentrification” by John Greenfield]

[Photograph from Patch.com article, “Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Protesters Confront City Planners:PHOTOS ‘Whose City? Our City!’ by Simone Wilson”]

This page hopes to not only demonstrate the harms of gentrification on low-income, minority communities but also show the adversity and power of community organizing around against this issue across the country. It’s incredible to see how unity can spark change, and I hope this website highlights the promise in urban communities dealing with gentrification! Thanks for viewing this page!


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