Hinweise und Tipps

Course Method/Approach:

At this level, all course instruction will be in German. We will be practicing grammar and vocabulary in context, with a thematic focus on German history through visual culture. You will be asked to think about medium and form as we discuss the various materials from post-WWII German culture, including literary texts, film, visual artworks, and music. It is best if you can try to switch your brain over to “German mode”: avoid translation, use a German-German dictionary, and think about how to paraphrase or rephrase your ideas.  Languages are learned through day-to-day practice, not by cramming for tests!

Reading Strategies

In approaching both the class discussions and the homework material, do not expect to understand every word you hear or read. When reading, avoid looking up each individual word; read with the context in mind. Concentrate on the big picture by reading chunks of text at a time. If you stumble over a sentence, simply move on to the next. Be sure to use the textbook’s strategies and any tips I may give you to guide you through the texts. Remember that I am available outside of class for any questions or concerns you may have (see office hours above).