Stigmatized Wealth at Bowdoin

Paris Wilson
Marcus Ribeiro
Doevy Estimphile

For our final project, we focused on the topic of wealth and why it is stigmatized among people of our age. Most students we interact with on campus hold somewhat negative opinions on wealth, mostly based on the inequalities that it inherently creates within our society. Given the great diversity of socioeconomic statuses on Bowdoin’s campus, we thought it would be a perfect place to gauge the attitudes of people in our current generation. We collected data from Bowdoin students to gain their insights and personal experiences with wealth. In our student interviews, we explored why wealth is held in such a negative light and factors that caused these feelings. 

Why Is Wealth an Uncomfortable Topic?
Why Is Wealth Stigmatized?
The Stigma of Wealth Has Evolved In Varying Ways Among Bowdoin Students
The Socioeconomic Barriers Towards Having the Wealth Conversation with Peers
Recognizing Wealth Through Material Goods or Mannerisms
How Should We Fix the Stigmatization of Wealth?

Student Interviews
These articles are composed of highlighted quotes from interviews with anonymous Bowdoin students. They are a detailed look into Bowdoin students’ thoughts on wealth and their impact on their lives. They are color-coded by theme. Blue represents the development of the wealth stigma based on one’s previous and current friend groups and environments. Red represents the perception of material goods and actions as symbols of wealth and the conclusions drawn from that information. Purple represents the notion that wealth is a challenging and uncomfortable topic that people avoid, due to its stigmatization.
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