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© Franco Brambilla, “Invading the Villa” (2009)

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Ital.2500 / Eng. 2901: “World Science Fiction”
Counts for C; IP
Prof. Arielle Saiber
Bowdoin College
Spring 2015

This course explores the local, global, and universal natures of the speculative genre of science fiction (SF) from the early twentieth century through the present. It highlights works from the Golden Age (late 1930s-’50s), the New Wave of the 1960s and ’70s, cyberpunk in the 1980s, and today’s various sub-genres and cross-over incarnations. We will approach the genre as a mode of thought-experimentation and world-building that problematizes actual and possible political, cultural, natural, human, and techno-scientific realities. Among the themes included are the human-machine interface, environmental apocalypse, the alien, and time travel.

Readings include short stories from nearly every continent (a number of which will be accompanied by a short film or other media) and literary criticism. Integral to the course is an exhibition of Latin American SF at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art and a number of conversations with writers, artists, filmmakers, and scholars of SF from around the world. Counts for the major in English, but not for the Italian minor or Romance Languages major.

With thanks to:
Franco Brambilla for permission to use his artwork
-David Israel, Information Technology at Bowdoin
-Victoria Rea-Wilson (Bowdoin, ’14), Research Assistant
-Raisa Tolchinsky (Bowdoin, ’17), Research Assistant

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