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brambilla, monk in switz.

© Franco Bramilla, “Love the Alien” (2008)

A few popular “The Year’s Best” collections in English, although predominantly including Anglophone writers, are those edited by
Gardner Dozois
David Hartwell
Jonathan Strahan
Clarkesworld Anthologies

A list organizing recs by subgenre (cyberpunk, alien invasion, etc.)

A few lists recommending “must read” SF novels:
A Basic SF Library
Abebooks (in chronological order)
Andrew Kaufman’s (good descriptions of each novel)
Best SF
Dark Roasted Blend
NPR’s Top 100 SF & Fantasy Books
Recs for Chinese sf
Recs for French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish sf
Recs for Japanese sf
21 Best Space Opera Novels

A list recommending “must read” SF short stories/novellas
A list recommending the 23 Best Non-English Sci Fi Books
A list recommending the 23 Best SF Books by Female Authors
A list recommending “must sees” of international SF

Some sites that review recent SF releases:
The New York Review of SF
Worlds Without End

World SF published in translation

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