Speaker Series

gli ascoltatori

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Lars Schmeink, University of Hamburg, has made available the following talks:
Silvia Kurlat Ares (Argentina)
Sonja Fritzsche (Germany)

On her Small Blue Planet podcast, Cheryl Morgan has been interviewing sf and fantasy writers from around the world since 2013:
Charles A. Tan & Dean Francis Alfar (The Philippines)
Gili Bar Hillel and Didi Chanoch (Israel)
Mélanie Fazi & Lionel Davoust (France)
Fábio Fernandes & Jacques Barcia (Brazil)
Ken Liu & Chen Qiufan (China)
Jukka Halme & Marianna Leikomaa (Finland)
(each podcast is about an hour long)


(For the 2015 course)

Throughout the semester, we will hear writers and scholars speak about their national sf.  A few speakers will come to campus; others will be recorded and viewed; and others will virtually visit our class via Skype for about a half an hour each.

On-Campus Speakers:
Sherryl Vint, “To Seek Out New Worlds: Science Fiction in A Global Perspective”
February 5, 2015  –  7pm –   Main Lounge, Moulton Union
(see poster)

Lisa Yaszek, “Afrofuturism as Global Science Fiction”
April 1, 2015  –  7pm  –  Main Lounge, Moulton Union

Virtual Speakers:
Miguel Ángel Fernández Delgado (Mexico)
Anatoly Belilovsky (Russia)
Paweł Frelik (Poland)
Rachel Haywood-Ferreira (on José B. Adolph’s “The Falsifier,” Peru, 1972)
Giulia Iannuzzi and Francesco Verso (Italy)
Minsoo Kang (Korea)
Ken Liu (USA-China)
James Patrick Kelly (USA)
Vandana Singh (India)
Cristian Tamas (Romania)
Lavie Tidhar (Israel)
Nick Wood (South Africa)

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