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© Franco Brambilla, “The Difference Engine” by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, for Urania Collezione 131 (2013)

A small selection of SF and SF-related blogs online (in English, unless otherwise noted)
Antariksh Yatra: Journeys in Space, Time and the Imagination
Ars Technica
Conlangery Podcast (a podcast about constructed languages)
Deutsche Science Fiction (in German)
Europa SF (in Italian)
Indian SF
Islam and SF
La Bloga (Latino SF&F, English and Spanish)
Russian, Soviet, and Eastern European sf
SciFi Latino
Science Fiction Awards Watch
Science Fiction Culture Blog (in German)
SF Signal
Speculative Fiction in Translation
South African SF
Technovelgy (SF in the news)
The World SF Blog
Worlds in Ink
Worlds Without End

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