Ward Shelly, History of Science Fiction map




SF Signal: Top 100 SciFi and Fantasy Books Flowchart (according to NPR)



100 Years of SF Novels, mapped (and interactive)

See also this article for info like this:



Drake Equation: SETI’s (Search for Extraterrestrial Life) view

Drake Equation: NASA

Drake Equation (simple, not great English)



See this excellent explanation of the Fermi Paradox

The Kardashev Scale

5 • Type 0: Subglobal Culture- A civilization that harnesses the energy of its home planet, but not to its full potential ...


Immortality Roadmap options

1) Anti-aging
2) Regenerative Medicine
3) A.I.
4) Cyborgization
5) Cryonics
6) Digital
7) Nano-medicine
(see all images here)



The Singularity

• Excellent article by Tim Urban, “The Road to Superintelligence”

• A great, briefer article on the “singularity” by Lev Grossman

An AI timeline



Scale of the Universe