Visual Art

Some examples…

Cornelius Dämmrich

See the Museum of Science Fiction (Santa Barbara, CA)

SF book cover art

See also the catalogue of covers of New Worlds and the SFE gallery


Luigi Serafini (Italy), Codex Seraphinianus (Milan: Franco Maria Ricci, 1981)
*Book in my office


Iris van Herpen (The Netherlands), Fashion Designer: “Aeriform” (France, 2017)
AquaSonic (Denmark), Musicians: “Between Music” (2016)
Collaboration here:


John Russell, Sqrrl (2015-2016), Bridget Donahue Gallery (NY)


Ionel Talpazan, Astronomy 2 Galaxies and Reverse (Romania, 1997)


Paul LaffoleyThanaton III (USA, 1989)
*Books in my office


Visual Art by Google’s A.I.


Art of Science Fiction (over 100 artists, here)

Neil Blevins


The videogame Machinarium (Czech Republic, 2009)


Young artists’s anxiety about technology essay (2017)


Costume designer for Blade Runner 2049, Renée April


Oskar Schlemmer, Das triadische Ballett (1922), this is a 1970 production


Simon Stålenhag‘s illustrations (Sweden, 2018)
The Amazon Series Tales from the Loop inspired by Stålengag’s book Tales from the Loop


SF Typography, see article
*Book Typeset in the Future in my office


Architecture inspired by Soviet-era SF (article here)


Larissa Sansour, photography (Palestine/Denmark)


On the moon and art: article by Bowdoin Art Museum director, Anne Goodyear

An illustration from Jules Verne’s novel ‘From the Earth to the Moon,’ drawn by Henri de Montau

Kraftwerk, “Radioactivity” (1975) live performance in Tokyo 2012


Artist Matthew Griffin (website)


Artist Douglas Smith (website1   website2   website3)