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© Franco Brambilla, “Le Argentee Teste D’Uovo” by Fritz Leiber, for Urania Collezione 137 (2014)

Academic journals
Alambique (in Spanish and Portuguese)
Extrapolation – (ProQuest)
Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction – (ProQuest)
Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts – (can see list of articles, order through ILL)
Science Fiction Studies – (JStor)
Science Fiction Film and Television – (Project Muse)
SFRA Review – (can see list of articles, order through ILL)

Assigned articles and essays on e-reserve
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Assigned articles and essays available online
-Margaret Atwood, “Are Humans Necessary?” (2014)
-Laura Miller, “The Cosmic Menagerie” (2012)
-Nnedi Okorafor, “African Science Fiction is Still Alien” (2011)
-Arielle Saiber, “Flying Saucers Would Never Land in Lucca: The Fiction of Italian SF” (2011)

Recommended (but not required) articles and essays available online
-Brian Bosak, “Brian’s Views on Time Travel and Interdimensional Voyages”
-Aliette de Bodard, “A Few Disjointed Thoughts On Other Cultures and Diversity in SFF”
-Jayson Greene, “Why is Our SF So Glum About A.I.?”
-Donna Haraway, “A Cyborg Manifesto”
-Bill Joy, “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us”
-Ursula Le Guin, “The Golden Age”
-China Miéville, “Forward Thinking”
-Andrew Fraknoi, “SF Stories with Good Astronomy & Physics”
-Dennis Overbye, “How Possibilities of Life Elsewhere Might Alter Held Notions of Faith”
-Judith Shulevitz, “Why do we need the liberal arts? Because it gives us sci-fi”
-Vandana Singh, “Alternate Visions: Some Musings on Diversity in SF” (2014)
-Tim Urban, “The Fermi Paradox”

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