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© Franco Brambilla, “Le Argentee Teste D’Uovo” by Fritz Leiber, for Urania Collezione 137 (2014)

Academic journals (can order article through ILL if not in CBB)
Alambique (in Spanish and Portuguese)
Extrapolation – (ProQuest)
Fanfir (Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research)
Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction – (ProQuest)
Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts – (can see list of articles, order through ILL)
Science Fiction Studies – (JStor)
Science Fiction Film and Television – (Project Muse)
SFRA Review

All assigned articles and essays on BB, except for the below, which are online
-Grace Dillon and Pedro Neves Marques, “A Conversation about Indigenous Futurisms” (2021)
-Steven James, “Artificials Should Be Allowed to Worship” (2019/Op-ed from the Future)
-Willi Lempert, “Navajos on Mars: Native Sci-Fi Film Futures” (2015/2019)
-Laura Miller, “The Cosmic Menagerie” (2012)
-Nnedi Okorafor, “African Science Fiction is Still Alien” (2011)

Recommended (but not required) articles and essays available online
-Carl Abbott, “Community in Cities of the Future”
-Margaret Atwood, “Are Humans Necessary?”
-Lewis Beale, “William Gibson: We Are All Science Fiction Writers Now”
-Andy Beckett, “Accelerationism: How a Fringe Philosophy Predicted the Future We Live In”
-Brian Bosak, “Brian’s Views on Time Travel and Interdimensional Voyages”
-Aliette de Bodard, “A Few Disjointed Thoughts On Other Cultures and Diversity in SFF”
Tom Cassauwers, “What Our Science Fiction Says About Us”
-Jori Finkel, “For Latin Artists in Sci-Fi Show, Everyone’s an Alien”
-Adam Frank, “Yes, There Have Been Aliens”
-Jayson Greene,
“Why is Our SF So Glum About A.I.?”
-Lev Grossman, “2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal”
-Donna Haraway, “A Cyborg Manifesto”
-Bill Joy, “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us”
-Ruth La Ferla, “Afrofuturism, the Next Generation”
-Andrew Fraknoi, “SF Stories with Good Astronomy & Physics”
-Michelle Goldberg, “The Darkness Where the Future Should Be”
-Ursula Le Guin, “The Golden Age”
-Jill Lepore, “Elon Musk Is Building a Sci-Fi World, and the Rest of Us Are Trapped in It”
-B.D. McClay, “Joanna Russ, the Science-Fiction Writer Who Said No”
-China Miéville, “Forward Thinking”
-New York Times editors, “What Will the World Look Like in 2030?”
-NPR, Body Hacking Movements Rises Ahead of Moral Answers
-Annalee Newitz, A Better Internet Is Waiting for Us
-Dennis Overbye, “How Possibilities of Life Elsewhere Might Alter Held Notions of Faith”
-Jeff Ryman, “100 African Writers of SFF”
-Arielle Saiber, “Flying Saucers Would Never Land in Lucca: The Fiction of Italian SF” (2011)
-Leah Schnelbach, “How German Theology and Russian Mysticism Shape Our View of Outer Space”
-Miles Schneiderman, “Inside Science Fiction’s Compassionate Revolution”
-Judith Shulevitz, “Why do we need the liberal arts? Because it gives us sci-fi”
-Vandana Singh, “Alternate Visions: Some Musings on Diversity in SF”
-Tim Urban, “The Fermi Paradox”
-Fran Wilde, Please, Stop Printing Unicorns (Op-ed from the Future)

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