Hoffman et al Summary Tweets

U-Th technology formulates date range for wall paintings discovered in ?? caves. ? older than ?by 2⃣0⃣ky. ?? by Neanderthals

Critics claim ?? made by chance, but these ⛎♉♐??➗➕ need ??and to be ? before ?‍?. art was #intentional

This cave ? tells ?‍??‍? that Neanderthals were ?to?‍? with ?4⃣↕*⃣ℹ?, gives ??‍♂️ hope of future ⚰⚱around ?

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  1. mlemalbr

    Hegemonic masculinity doesn’t always = toxic masculinity. HM is not a list of traits but any behavior that other men emulate in order to gain social capital. If HMasc. men start expressing emotions and pushing for gender equality without ego, more men will follow. Camaraderie is powerful.
    BUT hegemonic by definition indicates dominance/subordination. A new framework needs to accompany new behaviors, otherwise genuine acts become cynical (i.e. inclusive masculinity)

  2. nalvarad

    In class, we talked about how ? is a process. I think that, as such, there is potential for characteristics of hegemonic ? to change in order to be better for the world. As it creates ? this ? could be used to affect positive change, but only if those w power from hegemonic ? use that power for good.

    ? = masculinity
    ? = cameraderie