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Hoffman Tweets

Thought art was only for Homo Sapiens? Uranium-thorium dating in Spain tells a different story #lookunderthesurface #howoldisthatpaint ?‍?

Humans arrive in Iberia 45k yrs ago? Caves have ✋ ? 〰️ markings from 65k yrs ago… did Neanderthal fashion inspire art?? ??

This is proof of symbolic thinking and creativity in ?NOT? homo sapiens, were Neanderthals really so different from us?? ?

Hoffman et al Summary Tweets

U-Th dating confirms Spanish cave paintings as oldest in the world, created by Neanderthals in Europe 20KYr before Homo sapiens #ArchaeoArt

65 KYr Neanderthal cave art ends debate that cultural modernity + symbolism seen only in early humans #culturedneanderthals #caughtredhanded

New U-Th dating of crusts on #paleopaintings in 3 Spanish caves gives high accuracy age ranges of cave art, methods for future studies

Hoffmann et al Tweets (Assignment #2)

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Modern Humans no longer the only #masterartists of the #symbolicart movement #deliberateart #noaccident  #abstractsymbols #handprints #redpaint #linearmotifs

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Neandertals=  #PALEOPICASSOS. The proof was #paintedonthewalls in 3 cave sites in Spain. #plottwist to origin of human symbolism.

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#NEWTECHNOLOGY #U-THDating  d8 cave art 64.8 kya. Pred8s modern human arrival 2 Europe @ 25kya.  #NeandertalArt #carboncrusts #DatingNotDestruction

Uh -Dating in Spain #GroundBreaking

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U-Th dating shows accurate dates without damaging the artwork as it measures associated carbonates, not the art itself #MoversAnd Shakers #Technology

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This technique has been used in 3️⃣ areas of ?? proving the artwork was created while the land was inhabited by Neanderthals.

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Artwork was deliberately placed, proving Neanderthals had a ⬆ level of ? than previously believed #WOW

Neolithic transition in Europe

Archaeological evidence= hunter gathers in Near East became 1st ??‍? 13-11 cal ka. Lived in floodplains near ⚫️ ? to avoid drought.

Radiocarbon dating molluscs= 8350-8230 cal yr Laurentide ice sheet melts➡️ raises sea level 1.4m➡️ floods ⚫️? and moves palaeoshoreline

Modeling shows it displaced est. 145k??‍?,  ??‍?move from flooding➡farming spreads NW throughout Europe ➡ Neolithic in Europe #abruptexpansion

U-Th dating tweets

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La Pasiega: Minimum age 64.8 Kya

Maltravieso : minimum age 66.7 Kya

Ardales: minimum age 65.5 Kya

Modern Humans in Europe: 45-40 Kya


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This shines ? on??arguments that Neanderthals were copying modern humans in Châtelperronian?❌ #ProofIsInThePudding #MindBlown #Evolution

Turney and Brown – Catastrophic early Holocene sea level rise, human migration and the Neolithic transition in Europe

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The transition from human ?‍♂️ to Neolithic ?‍? ?‍? was expedited by the Laurentide ❄ Sheet collapse between 8740 and 8160 years ago

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To determine the ? level , ☠ mollusks on the continental shelf within the ⚫ ? were compared to ☠ mollusks above the shoreline

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Post rise of the ⚫? (8.3-8.2 cal ka BP), ??? expansion spiked from ➡ ?? to ⬅ ??, and ⛈? change had minor effect on ??? expansion

Hoffman et al Summary Tweets

U-Th technology formulates date range for wall paintings discovered in ?? caves. ? older than ?by 2⃣0⃣ky. ?? by Neanderthals

Critics claim ?? made by chance, but these ⛎♉♐??➗➕ need ??and to be ? before ?‍?. art was #intentional

This cave ? tells ?‍??‍? that Neanderthals were ?to?‍? with ?4⃣↕*⃣ℹ?, gives ??‍♂️ hope of future ⚰⚱around ?

Will Larson – Hoffman et al Tweets

New U-Th dating tech show cave art in Spain 20ka older than first humans in Europe and must be made by Neanderthals. #NeanderthalsUseSymbols

Uranium-Thorium dating uses carbon sample of art layer to find age. Red paint and handprints show deliberate art creation at 3 cave sites.

Neanderthal artists signify long history of symbolic behavior older than 64.8kya, capable of technology once thought unique to H. sapiens.

Turney and Brown

Laurentide ❄ sheet collapse into N. Atlantic ≈8.5kya. Huge 1.4m ? in ?? levels and ? cooling. resulting ⚫? floods Bosporus Sill farmlands

Radio C ? + core sampling suggests ??‍? ❤ coastal sites. homeless farmers spread their culture and practices thru N Mediterranean #farmtotable

High probability that estimated 145,000 Neolithic people displaced from these ⚫? ??‍?lands drove the ? of ??‍? in Europe also ≈8kya #innovation