Mason Bosse Second Assignment

@DLHoffmann shows that U-Th dating of stone under cave ? and CO3 deposits over cave ? provides accurate timeframe for Iberian cave art

U-Th dating shows that cave ? at 3 sites in Iberia are ≥ 64.8 ka. Only Neanderthals occupied the area at the time. #independentevolution

Strategic placement of cave ? indicates use of symbolism. Previous claims that humans were first species to use symbolism = #fakenews

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  1. cetti

    D.L. Hoffman explains how U-Th dating using CO3 deposits over cave ? ‘s in Iberia places them at ~64.8 ka, 20 ka ? modern ? settlement of Europe, ∴ the cave ? ‘s must be ???made.

    Made with ⚫️ and ? pigment, ✋ stencils, animals, geometric shapes, and linear signs adorn the walls of the Iberian caves.

    The deliberate nature of the ?’s indicates ??? had deeply rooted symbolic behaviors 176.5 ka ± 2.1 ka. This means ??? created a symbolic culture separate from modern ?.

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