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Hoffman, et al. (2018) Neanderthal Art Tweets

U-Th dating method gives precise age constraints for ancient cave art, giving us a better idea about our early beginnings #tiredoftrumptalk

Haters don’t think Neanderthals were capable of making abstract and symbolic art, but it WASN’T just transitional #smh #cavemenwerewokeaf

Neanderthals were makin dots & disks in La Pasiega, Maltravieso, and Ardales more than 20ka before the arrival of humans #therealrenaissance

Hoffmann et al. 2018

Red painted hand stencils and patterns on cave walls in Spain have been U-Th dated to 64+ thousand years ago. #PrePicasso#FridgeFingerpaints

Modern humans didn’t arrive in Europe until 20 thousand years later, suggesting that Neanderthals created these artworks.#CavemanHighCulture

Neanderthal authorship of symbolic art shows a history of premeditated creation & proves that that humans weren’t the 1st artistic species.

Downey et al. James O’Shea

Socioecological systems verging on catastrophic regime shift show statistically detectable early warning signs of resiliency loss and pop. 

Interactions between fast human demographic cycles from new agricultural techniques and slower ecological recovery cycles lead to collapse

Cyclical nature of neolithic humans may provide information on humans today and vice versa, allee effect and sunk costs can slow recovery


Turney and Brown

Neolithic farmers lived on continental shelf formed by Bosporus Sill…  ~ 8.4 KYa Laurentide Ice Sheet collapse → fresh ? pulse into ◼️ Sea

Freshwater pluse ? ⬆️ (~1.4m), flooded ◼️ Sea, breached Bosporus Sill & displaced populations #farmeronthemove #seafarers #gowest

Neolithic displacement caused migration along Mediterranean & then up thru continental Europe, spreading the practice of farming w/ them

asmoreno tweetz hoffmann et. al

art @3 caves in ?? d8 >64.8kya &mod humZ in euro only 45kya! shows we’re not the only ones with art chops #leoNEANDERTALdavinci #themoreukno

samples’ max/min age found by U-Th dating carbonate surrounding art #crusty #destructive #butnecessary #goodqualitycarbonateONLY

neandertals knew wuts^ w symbolic meaning. proof? #paintedonthewall #premeditatedart #sophistication #breakthestereotype #morethanjustrobust


DeSisto, Iberian Cave Art

Tweet 1

Despite evidence of #NeanderSymbolism, modern ? get #credz on Euro Cave Art. But wait! U-Th dating of 3 ?? cave art sites ???? than prev thot

Tweet 2

La Pasiega(⚫?paintings), Maltravieso(??stencils,shapes,engravings), Ardales(>1000 paintings+engravings of shapes+animals) all > 64.8k yr old

Tweet 3

Dating reliability criteria met, age of sites consistent. W/ modern human Euro arrival ~45-40k years ago, 20k yr late ➡ must be #NeanderArt

Turney and Brown

? discoveries suggest farmers ?? ?? around the ⚫️? were displaced by the #flood, which may have driven the spread of ?? ?? across ??

Collapse of Laurentide ❄️ sheet  ⬆️ ? levels by up to 1.4m & ?ed hemisphere resulting in ??? climate change #theflood #massmigration

?C d8ing of fresh ? ? on paleoshoreline of  ⚫? helps ??‍♀️??‍???‍? estimate min. age of marine incursion into ⚫? as btwn 8350-8230 cal yr BP